We are the team of web developers and designers who strive to bring new functionality to Squarespace.

Squarespace, like no other platform, is built for creative entrepreneurs and we believe its templates can also be expanded creatively.

Making easy for you to install our self-setup plugins, we focus on our products support and on a constant search of how we can Squarespace better.

We are also happy help to help with more complex implementations (we call them pro-setup plugins) that our professionals will install within 48hrs.

Have a custom request? — We got you covered here too!
Check out our Services tab for a full list or shoot us a message.

Self-setup plugins

Self-setup plugins are out-of-the-box solutions for Squarespace templates. You do not need anything special to use them. These are copy-paste implementations. Every downloadable  product comes with detailed instructions on how to use it and support contacts.
Please read our descriptions to learn about customization options, compatibility with Sqaurespace templates and any conditions that must be met for a plugin to work fine.

Pro-setup plugins

For the implementations that can not be installed via copy-paste solution we offer full installation service. We will need a contributor invitation to your website to perform the installation. Once an invitation received, our professionals will install the plugin to work according to its description. Most of installations can be done within 48hrs.

Custom Design and Development

Did not find what you are looking for? — No problem at all.
Shoot us a message and we will send you a quote within 24hrs.

We specialize at custom CSS and JavaScript, Squarespace websites design update and complete website creation.

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What our clients are saying

Thank you so much, you got my site looking exactly how I wanted! Totally thrilled with the speedy service and super helpful messages 🙂

Harriet Gray

Fantastic Work. Sqhub team did everything we asked and went above and beyond!

Christian Wilson

Perfect!!! Exactly what I was looking for! Fast, super easy, and no stress. Thank you so much for doing this! This was giving me such a headache trying to figure out how to do this myself.

Ashley B.